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Lead from a new perspective.

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Improve Your Financial Behaviors in 2021

Our financial goals are some of the most important goals of our lives. They determine our little one's childhoods, where they go to school, our family's lifestyle, and eventually when and how we retire. This coaching program is designed to help ensure you make the changes necessary to give yourself and your family the life you have envisioned for them.

Organizations Change When People Change.

As explained by Marshall Goldsmith, "What got you here, won't get you there." We expect ever-more from our leaders. As those expectations grow, so does the level of  uncertainty and ambiguity. In short, their work becomes more complicated.

In the words of Harvard Professors Dr. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey, "When we experience the world as 'too complex', we are not just experiencing the complexity of the world. We are experiencing the mismatch between the world's complexity and our own. There are only two ways to mend this mismatch, reduce the world's complexity or increase our own." 

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

From Reactive to Creative

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When leaders experience the mismatch between the world's complexity and their own, there tendency is to be more reactive. For example, they tend to be more controlling, too autocratic, their desire to succeed over the complexity may be so strong they may micromanage or pass on excessive stress to their people. Others may be more protective, being overly critical and coming off as arrogant insisting on having it done "my way" rather than being more self-aware and authentic in admitting what they might not know and giving space for others to step-up. Some leaders reactivity moves to overly pleasing and to focus on compromise over producing great results. They may see the situation as either preserving their relationships with others or pushing the team to achieve great results. In all these situations, when complexity over takes them, they feel constrained, and rather than seeing achieving great results as an opportunity to strengthen relationships, they see it as potentially damaging them. They may lack the ability to access their creative, more open and welcoming side, to say, I don't have all the answers, and instead move to a place to keep people from seeing what they don't know.

In a study of over one-million managers, 75%  were identified to engage in reactive ineffective leadership behaviors. We help our clients see greater complexity in moments of challenge. To expand their ability to see greater opportunity in moments of challenge. (Anderson and Adams, 2015)

Client Focused Process

Our process is based on Immunity to Change, the Harvard coaching model created by Doctors Kegan and Lahey. This model is used by senior executive coaches at Bridgewater, Harvard, Google, Facebook, and many others.

1. Identify the Growth Edge

Essential to this work is ensuring that our clients have One Big Thing to focus on which is at their growth edge. Our clients describe their One Big Thing to be something they have wanted to improve on for a while, it is something their have received feedback on previously, and it is something that would greatly improve their ability to lead. 

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2. Mapping Our Assumptions and Mindset

We help our clients identify their deeply-held assumptions that often promote protective, controlling, and/or sometimes overly-pleasing behaviors. In this work, our clients learn how their assumptions are intimately tied to behaviors that keep them from raising the performance of their teams. 


3. Actioning our Emerging Selves

Our coaches help our clients first understand how these assumptions have become powerful enough to control our actions. As their understanding of the assumptions evolve, clients are also supported in taking meaningful action towards new more helpful behaviors.

Our Coaches

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Adam Malaty-Uhr

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Adam Malaty-Uhr is a military officer, executive coach, and consultant in the fields of Adult Developmental Psychology, emotional intelligence, and leadership development. He received his M.Ed. from Harvard University with a focus on the psychological and emotional development of leaders. His work has helped develop senior state and city level leaders of America's homeland defense and security professionals, he has coached small business owners, and corporate leaders in both the U.S. and across Asia. He has cultivated leaders as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at Depaul and Loyola Universities. Adam has completed the Immunity to Change Facilitator training course and studied under the founders of the program at Harvard, and has completed multiple Growth Edge Coaching courses.

“The clarity and process Adam brings to our coaching sessions has been invaluable in helping me to better understand myself and overcome some self-imposed limitations personal and professionally.” Mark Goblowsky - All American Martial Arts

"Working with Adam was the best decision I made to break through mental blocks that were holding me back in my business. I didn’t realize it at the time, but several limiting beliefs about money and self-worth were keeping me from charging what I was worth. After working with Adam, I finally took the steps I needed to take, which resulted in $10,000+ consulting contracts.”  Tom Morkes - Insurgent Publishing

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Alison Musgrave

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Alison Musgrave is an executive coach, organizational development and stress reduction expert. She is a former Vice President and held senior level positions at a variety of companies in both the U.S. and the U.K.. She understands the pressures of leading at the top. As a corporate leader she increased sales through the implementation of change practices. She regularly coaches c-suite leaders, and still enjoys working with first-time leaders. She leverages her expertise in adult psychological development in supporting the holistic development of her clients. She has a wealth of certifications and expertise in Immunity to Change, emotional intelligence, and appreciative inquiry. She is a graduate of Iowa State University and DePaul University. 

"Your calmness has an impact on me; I calm down and think more broadly and specifically - my perspective is more inclusive and impactful resulting in my giving space to others to have an impact and contribute to the business at a higher level."

"You created an environment where I felt comfortable to be honest. As a result, I felt comfortable to explore ideas that I was blocking in my own mind. To me, the most prominent and important example is allowing myself to honestly explore..."

Your Coaching Journey Awaits

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