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Master Course in Leadership

Your 6-Month Ivy League Quality Experience

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Development Should Fit Your Personal Needs.

We have all attended a generic, one size fits all, leadership development workshops. We take a few notes, learn a couple new techniques, hopefully have a few laughs, and go back to our normal lives,


in the end not much really changes. 

When you try to meet everyones' needs, the potential for individual change decreases.


A core concept in cognitive psychology, is that a person's individual life-experiences literally construct a singularly unique understanding and perception of the world. This understanding is often called a map. No two maps are the same, and all have different levels of accuracy in different areas. Our Personalized Course in Leader Development helps our clients build a more accurate map, to better reach their destination.

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Better Map = Better & Faster Results

Throughout our lives, we internalize half-truths and myths about what it means for us to be a great leader. Additionally, there is such a wealth of knowledge in psychology and leader development, we all have wide-gaps in different areas that could help us lead better. 

Six Modules over Six Month

We have identified over 800 high quality theories, concepts, and strategies from the top professors, thought leaders, and researchers on highly effective leadership. These ideas both inform our practice and are used to support our clients development.

Client Focused Process

Throughout our lives, we internalize half-truths and myths about what it means for us to be a great leader. Additionally, there is such a wealth of knowledge in psychology and leader development, we all have wide-gaps in different areas that could help us lead better. 


Step 1. Understand Your Map

We construct a picture of our clients current state of leader development, through a 360 assessment, psychological interview, and needs interview with our clients and their managers. Our Faculty Members and Coaches put themselves in the shoes of our clients and work to develop a picture of their map.

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Step 2. Put the Map in Context

The end goal of this course is to cultivate our clients leadership abilities. We work to understand and support our clients to define their One Big Leader Development Goal. Their personal goal is put in context of their workplace, their organizational culture, and the perception of their manager, subordinates, and peers.

Step 3. Create a Course Trajectory and Build the Course

After working to truly understand the unique needs of our clients, we create a course trajectory. We identify the most personally relevant leader development topics and theories from the fields of psychology, sociology, political science, systems thinking, and strategic thinking, that will most refine our clients map, and that directly align with their goals and are a great fit with their company. We bring all of this together to select the highest quality content, at the ivy league level, to suit our clients individual needs.  We also create hyper relevant learning exercises to ensure our clients have structure to put theory into practice.

Step 4. Meet and Refine

Our Faculty Members have one-on-one monthly meetings with our clients to answer questions, support learning, and to ensure the content is extremely relevant. Additionally, our Faculty Members are constantly working to refine the course trajectory to best meet the needs of our clients. 

Our Faculty Members


Justin MacDonald

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Justin is an educator, leader development professional and a leader full time in the public sector in heart, mind, and spirit. He practices leadership in the public sector. Justin received his M.Ed. from Harvard University, his Master's of Teaching from New Mexico Institute, and is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow completing his MBA at The University of New Mexico. Justin completed his master's studies at Harvard focused on the application of emotional intelligence, leadership at Harvard. He began his career as a psychosocial rehabilitation expert supporting adults through some of the toughest times in their lives. This has given him an extremely unique outlook on human development and change that he leverages in his leader development work. As a long-time educator his ability to share and develop knowledge is impressive. He is extremely thoughtful in his methodology and application, and can be found after hours playing with his baby daughter.


James Ewer

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James is a teacher by practice and a strategist at his core. He practices leadership in the public sector and studied Authentic and Adaptive Leadership at Harvard University. He earned his Master's of Teaching from Hamline University and has a degree from University of St. Tomas focused on Leadership Management, Business, and Psychology. Jame's experience as a Regional Director of Growth Strategy and Development at Teach for America gave him a wealth of experience and understanding for how to mobilize a variety of stakeholders to a common goal. His understanding of His infectious excitement for the material and ability to breakdown complex concepts is sought after. He recently became a father and loves every minute.

Your Coaching Journey Awaits

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