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Cultivate Leaders Who Motivate and Develop Their People

What We Do

Programatic Support

We support organizations in developing new leader development programs and refining their existing ones. We do this by partnering with learning and development teams and CHROs to fulfill their unique organizational needs. 

Workshops and Talks

We provide engaging and developmental workshops in engagement, leader development, motivation, and transformational leadership workshops and talks. These events are designed to complement leader development programs already established or to be used as stand-alone programs.

Online Programming

We provide static and personalized online courses and executive coaching designed to change leaders perspectives. When a leader is able to see themselves, others, and their organization better, they see greater potential and possibility for the organization.

How We Do It

Step 1. Create a Motivational Workplace

We help leaders increase behaviors proven in research that support intrinsic motivation, and decrease behaviors that reduce intrinsic motivation.

"Control leads to compliance, autonomy leads to engagement."


Daniel Pink

Thousands of studies have proven that you can shape an environment that creates infectious motivation. This is done by increasing autonomy supportive leader behaviors and decreasing controlling behaviors. Meaning moving away from the carrot and stick and towards purpose based motivation will fundamentally change the performance of your organization.

Step 2. Growing Complexity

"When we experience the world as 'too complex', we are not just experiencing the complexity of the world. We are experiencing the mismatch between the world's complexity and our own."


"There are only two ways to mend this mismatch, reduce the world's complexity or increase our own."


Harvard Professors Dr. Kegan and Dr. Lahey

Studies have shown that adults have the potential to see ourselves and the world around us with greater complexity. Studies have shown that leaders at higher levels of complexity have higher levels of leadership effectiveness. Most adults plateau and stagnate for most of their lives.  Your team and your organization can be different; learn how to foster greater complexity at work.

Excerpt from An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization, by Dr. Robert Kegan, Dr. Lisa Lahey, and Andy Fleming. 

Leaders understand that realizing organizational potential is about realizing human potential.

From reactive to creative.

Who We Have Worked With

What People Say

“I learned that in order to transform, I first needed to learn more about myself – my motivations, my roles, and my values.  When I delved deeper, I saw how much of my true self I had hidden under these layers of uniformity, in order to fit in. Worse, over time I had become who I was pretending to be. This reflection became the starting point for me to learn something new about myself. It still amazes me that a simple exercise could have led to such a huge discovery. It started me on a journey to find my true self, to peel off the layers I had plastered on in order to conform.”

—  Josephine Lim, Senior Associate, EY


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