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Personalized Online

Leader Development 

Watch your high potentials thrive in situations of greater ambiguity and complexity in 6 Months.


It is unrealistic to provide personalized leader development...

Until Now

Personalized Leader Development

Developmental Coach

Our expert coaches have been trained by Harvard psychologists to maximize the development of your leaders.

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Personalized Master's Course


Our faculty members will curate a personalized master's course that fits the unique needs of each leader and the organization. 

Faculty Member

Each leader will meet monthly with their faculty member to support learning, ensure relevancy, and to gain more insights to curate future course modules. All faculty members are Ivy League trained.

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Leader Developmet Team

Why Most Leader Development Fails

1. They fail to consider context of the individual and the organization.

“Too many training initiatives we come across rest on the assumption that one size fits all, and that the same group of skills or style of leadership is appropriate regardless of strategy, organizational culture, or CEO mandate.” McKinsey Report

"Typically, when it comes to leadership development, emphasis is placed on individual-based knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with formal leadership which, once learned, enable people to think and act in new ways. However, without knowing the context and role in which these competencies will be applied, truly effective leadership skills cannot be developed." McKinsey Report

2. They fail to connect the conceptual with the real world.

3. They ignore developing mindsets.

"Identifying some of the deepest, “below the surface” thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and beliefs is usually a precondition of behavioral change—one too often shirked in development programs." McKinsey Report

We guide leaders to apply new knowledge in the context of their work. We facilitate mindset shifts to allow them to exceed expectations. 

Why Leader Development Fails

The Personalized Process (6 Months)

Initial Needs Assessment

Assessing needs includes a 360 assessment, growth edge interview, interview with the Leader's manager, and meeting with the Faculty Member and Coach.

Halfway Assessment

Monthly Process

Each module will ask you to apply what you learned at work. They will relate directly to the course content, and will be discussed with your coach.

The Process


and Faculty






Courses are unique to Leader's individual needs, and are at the master's level. Plan for 7 hours of work per month.



Member Reviews Leader's Work




All coaching sessions are 60 minutes, and focus on helping you apply knowledge and take action.

All Faculty meetings are 30 minutes and focus on learning the content and determining the content of the next module.






Continuous Feedback from Collegues

Practical Application at Work



Module Curated

by Faculty



"I'm not getting enough day-to-day support from work to improve my personal leadership goals. My personalized leadership course has been a game changer. After just four weeks, it is starting to transfer to my work. My managers and subordinate colleagues are taking notice. I'm taking the lead in client calls, speaking up more in meetings, and contributing in positive fashions to team goals. This course has improved my day-to-day performance at work."  ~ Senior Associate, International Tax Firm


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Meet The Team

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Adam Malaty-Uhr

Chief Executive Officer

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Adam's dream is to make the best in personalized leader development accessible to the masses. He is a triathlete, blackbelt, and Army National Guard Major. He spends his free time reading about adult psychological development and how it applies to leaders.

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Alison is a highly experienced and world-class coach. She regularly coaches C-Suite leaders, and finds joy in yoga and meditation practices.  Her expertise as a coach is only surpassed by her ability to be authentically herself in all interactions.

Alison Musgrave

Head Executive Coach


Justin MacDonald

Senior Faculty Member

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Justin is an educator in heart, mind, and spirit. He practices leadership in the public space and studied the application of emotional intelligence & leadership at Harvard. He is extremely thoughtful in his methodology and application, and can be found after hours playing with his baby daughter.


James Ewer

Senior Faculty Member

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James is a teacher by practice and a strategist at his core. He practices leadership in the public space and studied Authentic and Adaptive Leadership at Harvard University. His infectious excitement for the material and ability to breakdown complex concepts is sought after. He recently became a father and loves every minute.

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