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The Leader Development Engine

Does leader development stop after your Internal Programs...


If so, continue it with micro-leader development, the personalized and continuous solution to give your people the development they crave. 


Leaders Crave More Development


75% believe more could be done to develop leaders.

71% likely to leave due to lack of leader development.

81% are open to offers or are actively looking for a new job.

Our Personalized Micro Leader Development Engine

Thumbs Up

Begins by understanding the leader and organization.

Recommends ways to action learning.

Focuses on advancing current mindsets.

Uses a continuous life-long learning model.

Leveraged between leader development programs.

Inspired by cutting edge psychological research at Harvard, Stanford, and University of Pennsylvania.

Empower Your People to Continue their Development Journey

Have personalized online leader development created to support leaders between your leader development programs.

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Masters Content


Inspired by real Ivy League courses broken into mini-lessons to maximize personal development.


1,421 Unique learning journeys allows individuals to have a customized learning experience.

Research Backed


Questionnaires and content are aligned to world-class research to ensure your people stay at the cutting edge.



from those around them will provide personalized metrics that will help guide and refine their development.

Your Leader Development Team

Your Faculty Members


ensure high quality learning, relevancy, and you grow. All faculty members are Ivy League trained.

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Your Coaches


ensure mindset development. All of our coaches have been trained by Harvard psychologists to maximize the development of your leaders.



"I'm not getting enough day-to-day support from work to improve my personal leadership goals. My personalized leadership course has been a game changer. After just four weeks, it is starting to transfer to my work. My managers and subordinate colleagues are taking notice. I'm taking the lead in client calls, speaking up more in meetings, and contributing in positive fashions to team goals. This course has improved my day-to-day performance at work."  ~ Senior Associate, International Tax Firm

Jim struggled to speak-up in meetings, to find his voice in the bigger organization and with clients. Learn how the Leader Development Engine helped him see a bigger world and break free from his limiting mindsets to take a seat at the bigger table.

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