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Master's Course

Defining Your Leadership

Become a More Authentic, Confident, and Strategic Leader

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"Defining Your Leadership has been a game changer. I'm not getting as much day-to-day support from work to improve my personal leadership goals as I would like. After just four weeks, it is starting to transfer to my work. My managers and subordinate colleagues are taking notice. I'm taking the lead in client calls, speaking up more in meetings, and contributing in positive fashions to team goals. This course has improved my day-to-day performance at work." 

Michael Roney / Senior Associate / EY

Learn from approachable content inspired by the top leadership development courses at Harvard University.

What Can You Expect:

This course focuses on developing the context that will empower your people and teams to increase their ability to think more creatively, to be more motivated, and to collectively innovate. It focuses on internal psychological processes for the leader in the course, and the social environment they will impact. This bold program draws from the latest research and practices from Harvard University professors, with the deliberate and dedicated approach of the U.S. military.

Taking Your Skills to the Next Level:
  • Be more effective in your communication with your organization’s senior leaders

  • Better communicate with your clients or customers with their perspective in mind

  • Cultivate a culture that maximizes motivation and performance

  • Mentor leaders and teams to innovate and become learning organizations

  • Hone a leadership style that lifts people up and promotes creative thinking

  • Develop a Strategic Mindset that is better able to analyze complex and ambiguous challenges, and learn how you may harness the power of a team to overcome them

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As Leaders, hundreds of moments slip through our fingers every workweek to make a bigger difference

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You were finally invited to the big conference room, you are surrounded by the big players in your company. You are following the conversation, and you see your moment, you are closer to the problem than anyone else in the room, you know you could make a difference in this moment, and as you think about what you are about to say, and the meaningful change and powerful difference it could make, you hesitate. You start thinking, “should you make your move? Should you share the idea with these industry leaders?” Before you know it the moment has passed. You go back to your desk, dwelling on that moment and wish you had spoken up.

Walk into those potential moments of change feeling more confident and prepared to inspire and influence those around you.

As experienced combat leaders, we understand the importance of gaining information quickly and completing the mission. As educators, we also understand the benefits of deep reflection and in-depth research on topics. Our courses provide you the opportunity to do both.

Leaders will discover and practice:
  • an ability to listen more deeply, to learn and grow even in the most difficult situations,

  • methodologies to maximize a team’s performance, regardless of one’s position, and

  • diagnosing and overcoming ambiguous and wicked challenges at a strategic level.

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Course Curriculum

Training of Foals

Module 1: Impacting Change in Social Systems as a Leader

So often we feel limited in the actions we can take based on our position. This feeling is based is based on an assumption that one's position, or level of authority, infringes on your ability to exercise leadership. This module will challenge the concepts of authority and leadership, and your ability to lead without authority. Examine multiple frameworks and styles of leading taught at Harvard University and begin to articulate how you define leadership.

Cold Mountians

Module 2: Develop a Reflective and Adaptive Approach

Self-awareness is regularly identified as the most crucial aspect for leaders to master. However, accurately seeing ourselves is extremely difficult. Reflect on your leadership through an emotional intelligence lens and gain insights into your areas of flex and rigidity. Apply that new awareness through an Adaptive Leadership approach. Adaptive Leadership is the top leader development master's course at Harvard, learn why it is so popular. 

Beach Run

Module 3: Overcome Complex Challenges, & Foster Growth

In the midst of wicked challenges, we often get hyper focused on the task at hand. Internalize techniques and perspectives to make every challenge an opportunity to bring your team together and to help each contributor grow. Learn to apply the latest research and practices in adult developmental psychology along-side the social functions of leaders, to begin exceeding your own expectations for yourself, and of those around you. 

Break Dance Crew

Module 4:Create a More Participatory Team & Workplace

The challenges of leading a team in an uncertain world is intense. Learn to modify the narrative of your internal team to bring about greater levels of trust while increasing performance. Understand that building trust is the biggest thing you can do as a leader. Learn the essential steps to ensuring you are meeting the implicit needs of followers to keep from unknowingly violating that trust. Lead the team that everyone wants to be on. 

Complex Puzzle

Module 5: Gain a Dynamic Understanding of Your Biggest Challenges

The biggest mistake leaders make is to try to solve complex problems with old solutions. Understand complex problems often require changes in values, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Learn the techniques and perspectives to gain the best understanding of complex challenges and the growth needed to mobilize differing stakeholders to solve those challenges. Become the go-to change maker in your organization. 

Happy Man

Module 6: How Motivation Undermines & Promote Success

Exercising leadership brings with it real risks. Often leaders are blinded by their own intrinsic and extrinsic motivations that may lead them astray. Gain an understanding of your unseen motivations and how they contribute to your success and failure. Apply that understanding to how you may establish a work environment that promotes intrinsic motivation, creating a culture of performance on your team and in your organization. 

Team work

Module 7: Vulnerability Meets Organizational Development

The top leader development courses at Harvard push students to their limits in terms of how they see the world. This requires individuals to be vulnerable while striving to ask great questions. This module focuses on your ability to continue to expand your awareness of yourself and your work environment, it also provides frameworks for you to continue to hone your ability to develop yourself. 

Smiling Professional Female

Module 8: Re-Define Your Leadership

Be more confident as you refine your understanding of your new leadership. Look to your future and revise your next level of goals having already accomplished so much more. Define your leadership in terms of your people, the mission, and your influence. This course wraps up with a focus on how you will continue to develop as you move towards your next leadership position.​ 

Get Support

Many people thrive in stand alone online courses.  While there are countless benefits and lessons to learn, it can also help to have a coach to support your development along the way.  Seeing opportunities for change can be difficult on your own.

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