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Financial Mindset Coaching

Shift Your Financial Mindset, Shift Your Behavior

It's the middle of the night, and you realize you overspent again. While you are excited about your purchase, there are still lingering questions knawing at you. You feel overwhelmed at the potential of your parents getting sick, the water heater failing, or just calculating daycare costs. You know you will likely weather the storm, but know you still have a way to go to reach your financial goals. You tell yourself, this year will be different, I have a plan. But at the same time, the uncertainty of being able to change your own behavior leaves you with a question. Will it?

What is your toughest personal change goal, around your finances?

We all have those changes we would like to make to improve our financial situation. However, for some reason, they seem to be a little out of our reach. We may be armed with the best information, but when it comes to changing our behavior... we fall short of our goals.

Financial Mindset Coaching works on those sticky behavior changes. We help you make better financial decisions:

  • Improve your spending habits

  • Improve your debt situation 

  • Save more money

We use the Immunity to Change coaching model, developed at Harvard University, to help you get unstuck.

Email to set your initial consultation meeting.


Spark Program

4-Hour Intensive

Identify your hidden barriers and a way forward.

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Reach the Top

Signature Coaching

12-weeks, 6 Sessions

Change your mindset, one-on-one coaching program

Financial Mindset Webinar

February 3rd, 2021

Do you have goals for 2021? How are you going to get there? How can you increase your chances of success? Gain perspective, ideas and courses of action to help you identify and make changes to support your goals in 2021.

Financial Planning

We recommend pairing our service with a strong financial planner. A financial planner will help you clarify your financial goals and identify the direction and opportunity to move forward. We recommend Kit Lancaster for your financial planning needs. You may reach Kit at

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