Alice Nichols – Leaders, Need to Increase Awareness of Our Bias

Alice has had an amazing journey in supporting leaders through their own development and the development of the organizations they lead. She is an authentic leader, environmentalist, and passionate supporter of people’s’ growth.  

Directly from Alice:

“Psychological growth and awareness is absolutely the cornerstone of leadership.”

“You really need to go through [the swamp through the pain] … to be aware of your own emotions, to not be hijacked by them and to recognize them for what they are.”

“Responding rather than reacting as things happen and then to be able to help other people to see” when they may be ‘hijacked.’”

In this episode, Alice shared many stories from her upbringing and experiences as a coach and consultant. She helped ground us in the concepts of some amazing experts in the field including Chris Argyris, Don Schon, and Robert Kegan. Her work is not only clearly based in proven research and theory, but also reinforced by her tremendous experiences.

She was open and honest in sharing mistakes she made in her experiences as a coach and leader, while offering suggestions to overcome bias and the ladder of inference. Alice emphasized the concepts of double loop learning, deep reflection, and the ladder of inference and explained how these concepts apply directly to leading.

Alice then brought our conversation towards emotional intelligence and the power of simply being aware of the feelings you have in the moment to increase your ability to understand and regulate your emotions.

We talked about the role of evaluation, expectations, and failure in organizations and how these elements can align themselves in ways that can either hold us back or accelerate our growth.

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