Jason Connell – You Are Going to Die, So… What Are You Going to Do Today? (Part 1&2)

Jason Connell is an entrepreneur, leadership coach, consultant, author, and is human. He began his career at a young age as a professional child magician, tricking adults with illusions. He is an incredibly motivational individual who brings about inspiring transformation for those he interacts with.

“Your relationship with yourself is the single most important relationship in your life.”

“At least I lived while I was alive.”

“Your leadership has to come from your truth, it has to come from your core or you will never be able to play at the highest level you are capable of…Realize that that truth and that core evolves you will not be the same man or woman at 40 that you were at 20 and if you are the exact same man or women you at 40 that you were at 20 you are probably done something wrong and you are probably living in denial of your truth and your reality.”

“One of the craziest things I see people do is they screw over their future self because they are not willing to experience a small amount of discomfort in the moment and often times it’s that ability to experience what truly is for most people a small amount of discomfort in any given moment that unlocks a much brighter and bolder future.”

Jason shifted from describing the experiences he had dreaming of starting his own business, and felt jarred when he lost all his savings and failed to realize the dream that he had hoped things would happen.

He describes his hidden assumptions as a level of ignorance that actually appeared as confidence. What was outside his awareness was the day to day of running and marketing a business.

Jason has focused on how do you help someone become a full manifestation of themselves. And he describes how this occurs through mentorship, help from the outside, coupled with meditation and reflection.

It was his support from someone outside his reality, that helped him understand that what he thought was real work was far from it. He created smaller steps that were approachable and was something that he could engage in. This understanding of personal change allowed him to make the huge growth in his business gradually.

Jason explained that intuition was at the core of what led him down the direction he took. This was reinforced as he went step by step towards his intended outcome.  He was buying the illusion that it mattered if someone rejects him, and he over came this by asking, “what is the worst thing that would happen if he engaged in that behavior.” His answer was that it would typically hurt a little.

He described his fight against himself at an earlier age where his self pretended that what he was doing was hard or that things might not work out. He suggested to pay careful attention to the feelings inside, there is a small kernel inside you that knows that everything will be ok, and let go of the 99% of the games where you pretend to doubt yourself.

Treat yourself like a human, increase your levels of self-compassion. It will bring about a level of forgiveness for your flaws. In essence, stop punishing yourself for being human, let it go. In addition, the belief that everything will be ok, is at the core of what you will need to engage with. “Your relationship with yourself is the single most important relationship in your life.” Below are some suggestions to increasing your self compassion from Jason.

  1. When you find yourself in a situation where you are beating yourself up. Pause, ask yourself what advice would you give to your best friend if they were in the same situation?

  2. Focus on being more forgiving of others.

  3. Make sure to get enough sleep.

  4. Maintain a healthy diet.

  5. Remove toxic people from your life.

Jason also recommended increasing your ability to monitor yourself. Meditate, journaling, self-interviewing, create the opportunities for you to understand yourself and build a higher level of self-awareness.

Being the ideal version of yourself you will need to take a step each day or week towards that. Being reflective about taking action is essential to understanding if that direction is essential for you.  Always be curious about yourself. People don’t work in a way that creates massive change is a quick way, it comes gradually after repeatedly taking small steps.

Jason brought us back to a sense that failure is a judgment and that it isn’t tethered to reality. Once people realize that failure is part of the game, part of the learning process.

In our conversation, Jason reminds us that tomorrow will never come. That if you are waiting for tomorrow, you are waiting for never. You only live in the present, you only live in the now, and now is the perfect opportunity for you to take action.

We die, our lives come to a full stop. The idea that we are going to die creates a sense that we are free to take chances in our lives. Jason shared with us that he lost three close friends in his 20s. This helped him realize the reality of life.

You can learn more about Jason’s work at his website


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